05 November 2012

RVL confirms Oliver investigation... and its own lack of transparency

Racing Victoria Limited Communications Manager, Shaun Kelly, has responded to our ten open questions and has finally confirmed that RVL is investigating Damien Oliver:
"In response to Questions 1-10 ... Racing Victoria’s investigation into jockey Damien Oliver is ongoing, and we will not be commenting on any matters relating to it at this stage."
That's it. While this finally breaks RVL's refusal to acknowledge that it is even conducting "an investigation into jockey Damien Oliver", RVL is happy to leave questions 2-10 unanswered, including in our opinion the question that most goes to RVL's capacity to maintain public confidence in racing:

Why has RVL not released any terms of reference or specific details about the process it is undergoing in its own investigations?
So, why won't RVL "be commenting on any matters"? What gives? By what principle? Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done. But wait there's more. TVN's Adrian Dunn reported yesterday: 
"Steward Rod Montgomery is in charge start of that inquiry and still has an number of interviews with people to continue; those will be concluded 'sooner rather than later'...the start of that inquiry is 'not too far away'."
That's right, RVL hasn't even "started" its inquiry. So that's it, folks. Here are your take-aways: 
  • Yes, there is an investigation. 
  • Some people are being interviewed. 
  • A start to the inquiry is "not too far away."
Not bad for three months work. Is the Spring Carnival over yet? 

Very reassuring to see Channel 7's cameras in the stewards room on Saturday, tubing equipment on the table for all to see. Why on another matter of vital public interest is there no attempt to bring the public into its confidence?

There is nothing transparent about the way RVL is conducting itself on these matters. 

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