29 October 2012

"The odd blip" pushes RVL to hand off integrity to Police

Racing Victoria Racing Limited CEO Rob Hines yesterday appeared to walk away from a zero-tolerance policy of corruption in racing:
"It's just a fact that people are never convinced that racing is completely clean... just occasionally there'll be instances and I think the general public know that and understand that the odd blip won't affect us."
In a revealing interview with TVN's youthful host, Bruce Clark, Hines appeared to hand-off the safeguarding of racing integrity to law enforcement:
"The Stewards are not law enforcement, the police are the law enforcement agency and we have to run second string to them. So when they have a criminal investigation we have to sit back and wait for that to be resolved." 
So there you go punters, bet with confidence, and all will be revealed in the fullness of post-Carnival time.

UPDATE: RVL winds back claims it must "sit back and wait" for Police

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