15 October 2012

Damien, say it isn't so...

We heard the rumours months ago. And like anyone who's ever given a damn about our turf, we still don't want this to be true.

If it is true, this will be a tragedy not just for the Oliver the man, but for anyone who has ever put their trust in D.Oliver the jockey: owners, trainers, punters. After that Melbourne Cup, when the whole damn country was with him, when we cried with him and willed him to victory... We don't want this to be true. Damien, say it isn't so.

We read the statement.
"With regards to the allegations made in the Fairfax Media this morning, I cannot and will not be making any comment, other than to say allegations such as these are damaging and hurtful ... and that everyone, myself included, should have the right to a due process being followed here."
Yes, they are damaging. We bet they're very hurtful. But are they true? What we don't see here is a strong denial. Everyone has a right to due process, but how can it compromise process to flat out  declare one's innocence?

Tiger Woods, Jerry Sandusky, Lance Armstrong -- sports fans are on the mat, down for the count. We needs champions we can trust.

Damien, please, say it isn't so...

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