29 October 2012

Ten questions for Racing Victoria Limited...

Ten days ago we put several questions to RVL's media rep which they promptly ignored. So here are the questions again, in detail:
  1. Considering it has made no admission to the contrary, does RVL stand by its official statement on August 15 that it "...has no knowledge of the allegation ... regarding a jockey wagering on another horse in the same race?
  2. If RVL does know of the allegation, when did it become aware, and does it concern D Oliver?
  3. If RVL knew about the Oliver allegation before The Age named him on October 14, when was it planning to announce that knowledge to the general public?
  4. Does RVL know the identity of the unnamed third party who placed the alleged bet on Oliver's behalf?
  5. When was the three person panel appointed to conduct the investigation? Who appointed it and who decided the Chief Steward should not sit on it?
  6. Has this panel held any hearings or interviewed D Oliver or any other licensed person about the matters cited in the Age reports?
  7. If not, when does it plan to?
  8. If it has, why are those hearings being held in camera or without accredited media present?
  9. Despite the fact police are investigating, why has RVL not released any terms of reference or specific details about the process it is undergoing in its own investigations?
  10. Is RVL delaying its investigation until after the Spring Carnival?
RVL can send their responses to turfconfidential@gmail.com and we will insert them.

UPDATE: RVL Replies:
"Racing Victoria’s investigation into jockey Damien Oliver is ongoing, and we will not be commenting on any matters relating to it at this stage."

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