16 November 2012

16 questions RVL's Rob Hines will not answer till Tuesday, if ever

Last night we put 16 questions to Racing Victoria for its CEO, Mr Rob Hines:
  1. In order to protect the betting public, why did RVL Stewards not interview and stand down D Oliver immediately when The Age first published the allegation that he placed an illegal bet on a rival in the same race in which he was riding?
  2. Mr Hines says no prior arrangement or deal has been made with D Oliver, and he and other RVL officials say Oliver only informed RVL on Monday that he made an illegal bet. If this is so, why is Oliver not also being charged with bringing racing into disrepute for not making his admission earlier?
  3. Does Mr Hines know of any RVL office holder who had prior knowledge of Oliver's guilt prior to his admission on Monday?
  4. When was the separate three-person panel conducting the inquiry into Damien Oliver appointed?
  5. Who appointed the independent panel? Was it the CEO Hines, the RVL Board or the Chairman of Stewards? Or some other person or individual?
  6. Has the RVL Board approved the appointment of a separate panel?
  7. Is the separate Panel answerable to the Chairman of Stewards, or to the RVL Board?
  8. What avenue of appeal exists to the decisions of the separate panel? 
  9. What are the terms of reference of the separate panel? 
  10. Who decided the RV Chief Steward should be excluded from the separate panel?
  11. What precedent is there for the appointment of a panel separate from the Stewards?
  12. Why was it necessary for the Chairman and other stewards to be excluded from the Panel's work?
  13. Under what Australian Rule of Racing was the separate panel appointed?
  14. What legal firm is advising RVL on matters pertaining to the separate panel?
  15. Is Rob Hines considering legal action against those journalists who have accused him in public of not being truthful about when he first knew about the Oliver betting scandal?
  16. Mr Hines is retiring. When is he expected to leave the role?
RVL responded this morning saying Hines won't be making any statement before next Tuesday's hearing.
UPDATE: RVL responded to question 16: "His term as Racing Victoria CEO concludes at month’s end."

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