02 November 2012

ABC The Drum: Our national day of wilful blindness

"It's the eve of Victoria Derby Day, truly one of the world's great racedays, and the Spring Carnival PR machine is in overdrive: it's all horses and frocks, gallops and Gaultier. And we're just three days from that race that 'allegedly' stops the nation, when Melbourne's biggest annual tourism event reaches its crescendo.
"Most notably, no one gives a flying horseshoe whether the racing game is 'allegedly' crook or not. The public, the media and racing's administrators have swept that word 'allegedly'into the wowser basket.
"Nothing will spoil our national day of wilful blindness, of hooves and hedonism. And to be honest, yours truly plans to join the throng headlong in celebration of the noble steed and, of course, 'the punt'."

Read our full story over at the ABC's The Drum.

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