16 August 2012

Racehorse Owners call for jockey phone taps

In the wake of yesterday's allegations of more corrupt practices by jockeys, Victorian Racehorse Owners Association chairman Jonathan Munz has told The Age ''jockeys should, as a condition of their licence, be required to consent to their phones and conversations being intercepted if that is required by the chief steward or RVL head of integrity on a reasonable basis, in conjunction with the police."

Such a bombshell begs the obvious question: why stop at jockeys? What about trainers and strappers and stablehands -- all licensed persons? What about vets? What about raceclub employees? How about bookmakers*? What about ... owners???

If such draconian measures are required to secure public confidence in racing, you could forgive the non-racing public for asking why should such a suspect milieu be allowed to operate at all? Said Munz:
"The majority of jockeys, who all do the right thing, should have no concerns about such a requirement.''  
So why require it of them?

Munz returns to earth when he says: ''RVL's senior integrity officers need proper access to all the information available to police, with adequate safeguards provided.''

* Bookmakers telephone bets are recorded but not their private phones (they hope!).

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