15 August 2012

Corruption revelations beg only more questions

The racing commentariat was unanimous on Twitter last week that there was nothing in the 4 Corners expose on corruption in horse racing. It was all "old news", not worth the effort even watching. One scribe thought it outrageous that 4 Corners had the temerity to spring questions over the affair to Jockey D Nikolic in the birdcage. Now, a week later, on the front page of SMH, lo and behold:
A scandal involving fixing horse races has spread, with at least four top jockeys, professional punters and other racing identities across Australia now under investigation. In addition to the Smoking Aces affair - which involves fresh allegations that top jockey Danny Nikolic paid kickbacks to a third party to fix a race - authorities are also examining corruption allegations linked to several other horse races. One of the allegations involves one of Australia's most famous jockeys, who bet thousands of dollars on a rival horse to win in a race in which he was riding.
Which jockeys? What races? Which punters? What authorities? Which of Australia's most famous jockeys is betting on his rivals' mounts? Alas, the article does not say. We could add another question, which racing journo will be first to blow the lid on these identities and allegations?

UPDATE: Listen to Shane Anderson's interview this morning with Age journo Richard Baker. No names, no pack drill.

UPDATE: Racing Victoria CEO Rob Hines says the controlling body has "no knowledge of the allegation in today's Fairfax newspapers regarding a jockey wagering on another horse in the same race and is not aware of the source of this allegation. If evidence is provided to Racing Victoria to support this allegation then swift action will be taken by the Stewards under the Rules of Racing.”

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