15 August 2012

Betfair denies lay betting investigation

Meanwhile Today's Age/SMH article also claims:
"... a source from the wagering company Betfair has confirmed a major investigation is being conducted into lay betting - in which a person backs a horse to lose - involving more than two dozen races and another leading jockey.
We asked Betfair spokesperson Mathew Thompson about the story: "This creates the impression that this is something new. It's not. And it's also not the case that there's any specific investigation going on into lay betting."

Thompson told TC "under the terms of our licence we regularly share information on betting with racing stewards and sporting bodies." Does Betfair have a policy of sharing any information about police investigations with racing authorities? "We cooperate with the police like anyone else but I don't know if we have a policy to share those details with others."

Thompson said he'd find out more and get back to us.

UPDATE: Thoroughbred News is reporting comments from Betfair CEO Giles Thompson confirming the denial of any investigation into lay betting, either with police or internally.

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