08 September 2011

Naughty corner: trots, hoops, drugs, bans

Handing up at the red hots.
  • Trotting's deep throat: Tim Reilly and Chris Roots in the Sydney Morning Herald continue their red hot coverage of the troubles in the red hots with their latest revelation that a "licensed person" was the key whistleblower. http://bit.ly/ozHzcY
  • Hopped-up hoop: Carl Di Iorio at Cyberhorse reports on the 12-month disqualification of jockey Wayne Wheatley by Racing NSW stewards over a positive sample to a "banned substance".   http://bit.ly/of13rL
  • "Conniving" trainers: Racing NSW stewards also disqualified owner and already-suspended Queensland trainer Ronald Drysdale for 12-months & Lismore-based NSW trainer Michael Pearson for 6-months following an inquiry “into the bona fides of the training of the racehorses Sheemon, Tegic, Dekarnage & It’s All Happening”. Stewards found Drysdale (as owner of the horses) “did connive with licensed trainer Michael Pearson, for Pearson to hold himself out as the trainer of the horses for the purpose of entering those horses and racing the horses” when “at all times they were not being trained by a qualified trainer but were being trained by Drysdale, whose qualification to train was cancelled by Racing Queensland on 14 March 2011”. via breedingracing.com

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