25 September 2011

Critics of trots 'choreography' go ballistic

You'd think everyone would be on their best behaviour given the scandal and corruption that's rocked the harness racing game in recent months.  However questions continue to be raised about the veracity of recent races. As the SMH's Chris Roots reports, some punters have had more than enough and said so bluntly on the public forum on industry website Harnesslink.com:
Fed-up punters vented their frustration over Kevin Pizzuto's drive on Our Amazing Art after it ran second to odds-on favourite and stablemate Franco Torres. Chief steward Bill Cable has stood down Our Amazing Art and adjourned an inquiry into the race, in which Pizzuto loomed up to win in the straight but failed to run down his stablemate.
The forum post was headed "One of the worst things Ive seen on a harness racing track EVER!!!!". Fearing legal blowback, Harnesslink has since closed comments, but you can still read the forum here, unless they shut down the forum for good. However, keenly aware of the important role such fora play, Harnesslink told the Herald to shut it down "wouldn't make us any better than industry bodies (who I won't name) that don't mention the 'dark side' of racing, and want to pretend all is well.'' 
Amen to that brother! Shine a light on the 'dark side' if you want it gone. More transparency, more scrutiny, means stronger integrity and more reliable form, leading to more confidence in the wagering product on the part of the public. Should be simple really.

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