22 April 2011

Naming of the beast brews storm in a teacup

Brisbane's Courier Mail reports on a brouhaha over the naming of a NSW trotter with the registered name Stonethachristian:
Federal Discrimination and Race Commissioner Graeme Innes was surprised Stonethachristian was allowed to pass ... naming guidelines, believing it could be socially divisive. "I can certainly envisage (as offensive) having a racehorse referring to stoning members of the community," Mr Innes said. Australian Christian Lobby spokesman Lyle Shelton said Christians thought followers would take it as a joke because they've been vilified for years and "don't jump up and down about it". ... Islamic Council of Queensland president Mohammed Yusuf said if some Christians were offended, he was offended. "Yes it's distasteful. To denigrate a religion ... it's not something we want to see."
Harness Racing Australia doesn't know how "we let it through" but if it received any complaints "we'd probably cross it out". Its own guidelines frown on "any name having political, religious, commercial or sacred significance or that is otherwise inappropriate".

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