23 April 2011

Landmark ruling awards Jockey $770k damages

The Hobart Mercury reports on a landmark court ruling whereby jockey Simon Snell was deemed to have engaged in "grossly negligent conduct" by causing a race fall that would end the career of fellow jockey Kevin Dodge. The judgement against Snell awarded $770,000 plus legal costs to the veteran Dodge, and could have wide-ranging legal implications for the sport. Justice Helen Wood in the Supreme Court in Hobart ruled Snell was grossly negligent in cutting his mount, The Mighty West, across the front of the field towards the rail, around the 200m mark in a race at Hobart's Elwick Racecourse on 28 January, 2007. The Mercury's David Killick wrote "Justice Wood said jockeys owed a duty of care to their fellow riders to take reasonable care to avoid causing risk of injury and Snell's move was fraught with risk." Dodge broke 11 bones and punctured a lung in the fall, and hasn't been on a horse since.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin Dodge was a wonderful jockey his presence has been greatly missed.He was a careful rider and always had the horse and fellow riders safety first he was also a very loyal jockey to the trainers. well KEV you really deserve this pay out. I hope racing finds a place for you in their industry. A little champion good luck