07 January 2011

US Approval For New Mare Reproductive Health Drug

In the US, after “years of intensive research, a product called SucroMate has achieved the coveted status of FDA-approved for reproductive health in mares” reported thehorse.com. This is “no easy feat as only 2 veterinary drugs obtained FDA approval in 2010”. SucroMate “is licensed to induce ovulation in mares being bred with fresh, cooled or frozen semen” & Edward Squires PhD (a specialist in equine reproduction at the University Of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center) explained: “SucroMate contains a drug called deslorelin acetate. It is administered intra-muscularly once the mare has an egg-containing follicle on her ovary measuring 35mm in diameter or larger, is in estrus & has a open cervix. Ovulation should occur within 48 hours of administration.” Pre-approval studies found that after injecting 140 mares, 72% of mares ovulated within 48 hours of treatment with SucroMate, compared to only 27% of the 143 mares in the placebo group. Squires noted: “This new deslorelin acetate product is a very effective tool for inducing ovulation in mares & is produced in a FDA-inspected facility here in Louisville in Kentucky. This product should replace compounded deslorelin products & give veterinarians an FDA-registered product to use for inducing ovulation in mares.”  

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