27 November 2005

Who needs real horses?

Tabcorp is taking its animated horse racing product to one of the world's biggest lottery markets:
"Racetrax™ was successfully field tested earlier this year in Maryland, gaining an enthusiastic reception from players in all venues. The game has already been a hit in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Croatia and Canada and is also available through Tabcorp wagering venues in Victoria, Australia. 'We are pleased to be entering the American gaming market with Racetrax™,' said Paul Gulbenkian, Executive General Manager of Tabcorp International... The Maryland Lottery produced record sales of US$1.486 billion in fiscal 2005..."
Meanwhile, Pimilico, Maryland's most famous racetrack and home of the Preakness, is cutting back on race meetings, unable to compete with "the slots". Sound familiar?

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