13 September 2012

States urged to match NSW on race-fixing penalties

Australia's Federal Minister for Sport has used the passage of NSW laws imposing stiff penalties for race-fixing to call on other states to quickly follow suit and bring about a national regime to "protect the integrity of sport".
Senator Kate Lundy hailed the NSW Crimes Amendment (Cheating at Gambling) Bill 2012 as "a very important milestone in the delivery of Australia’s National Policy on Match-Fixing in Sport.” In June 2011 the Federal, State and Territory governments agreed to a national policy to protect the integrity of sport. Today Senator Lundy said:
“A key element of this agreement was the development of consistent national match-fixing criminal offences to stamp out corruption and make it an offence to intentionally fix or attempt to fix the outcome of a sporting event.
"I now call on the other States and Territories to follow the lead of NSW and take action to protect the integrity of sport.”
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