25 July 2011

Hendra virus update: more horse deaths in Queensland

Breedingracing.com reports 9th & 10th Qld Horses Die From Hendra Virus: Authorities confirmed the 9th & 10th horses have died in separate outbreaks in Queensland from the Hendra virus, reported abc.net.au. Biosecurity Queensland said the 9th horse, which “was euthanased at a property in Logan (south of Brisbane) initially tested negative to Hendra, but secondary testing showed it previously had a Hendra virus infection & had developed antibodies to the disease”. Six people who were exposed to the sick animal “have tested negative to signs of the virus”. Queensland authorities also announced “test results have confirmed a 10th horse that died in Chinchilla on Friday had the virus”. It is the 1st case west of the Great Diving Range & Queensland's chief health officer Jeannette Young said: “All people who've had contact with the horse will have blood tests taken now & again in 21 days & 42 days to just check that they haven't developed the disease.” Queensland’s chief biosecurity officer Dr Jim Thompson added only 1 property is quarantined at Chinchilla & assured: “We don't believe there is any need to be taking further actions - this is under control.” Overall there have now been 8 outbreaks of Hendra in Queensland this year; overall 10 horses in Queensland & 4 in NSW have died from the disease over the past 4 weeks.

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