01 August 2005

About Turf Confidential

Devotees of the racing scene in Sydney, Australia, will remember The Gadfly, a column that graced the turf liftout of The Sun Herald every Sunday from the early 1980s to 1999. Several journalists edited the column over the years, recording the intersection of racing and Sydney's public life: the good, the bad, the beautiful and the just plain ugly.

A blog is the perfect medium to revive its brief, which was simply to report "without fear or favour". So here we go, an occasional commentary on the colourful goings on at the track, but this time we'll take in not just Sydney, but the global scene, from an Australian perspective. Racing, like all things associated with gambling, has exploded on the net and our aim will be to highlight the best and expose the worst of horseracing coverage on the internet.

You can email us here to leave any general comments about the site.

To supply confidential leads, or any information off-the-record use this special email address. Any and all tipoffs will be handled with complete confidentiality. In keeping with the charter of the International Federation of Journalists, we respect all confidences and protect all sources.

What Turf Confidential is not is just another tip sheet. We'll cover news and trends across all aspects of the throroughbred racing and breeding scene - but we'll never pretend we can predict with certainty the winner of today's race. We may on occasion offer an opinion, and if we can verify any "inside oil" to assist punters, then we will publish it. But you won't find Madam X, the Tea Lady, Uncle Dick or anyone else here directing punters to do their dough cold on the whim of a stranger.

House rules on comments: be frank, open and say what you like, but keep it civil and keep it legal. Any comment verging on libel or defamation will be removed without hesitation or explanation.

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